Meet Crystal Vaitkus

Crystal is an LMT in California and Texas. Crystal is also a certified Personal Trainer. Crystal became passionate about massage when she suffered a back injury that left her bed ridden for almost a week. After injections and pain meds, Crystal wanted a more holistic approach to healing. Being a health advocate for years, she stumbled upon an acupuncturist that applied a mixture of acupuncture, cupping, and muscle isolation massage. She was immediately out of pain. Looking in to it more extensively she knew this was her calling and signed up to massage school.

“I was in the restaurant business for over 20 years. I’m passionate about catering to people’s needs and making people happy. The restaurant business, for me, started out this way, but the extremely long hours grew taxing on my body and I was starting to fall apart physically and with that soon mentally.” After graduating from massage school, she worked for a local chiropractor, but still felt limited to her craft. One day on her way to her school to pick up final paperwork, she drove by a gym called Equinox. “It looked super fancy!” She went in to apply for a massage position. While filling out an application an over head shelf collapsed and fell on her head. The shelf cut her head and she felt somewhat dizzy, but refused the fuss and said she was fine to complete the interview followed with a practical (performing a massage demo). “I was light headed and dizzy, but I REALLY wanted to work in a gym environment. Especially at this scale. “ Crystal landed the job and just 2 days on the job they promoted her to a management position. “I was so nervous, yet flattered. I said yes without hesitation. Well, they gave me a new location in which the spa had been struggling for quite sometime.

Almost all the members didn’t even know there was a spa in that gym. Needless to say I thought to myself, the positives to this is, I can try anything to grow this business without the worry of having to close my doors. I had a corporate budget and a steady paycheck. I utilized anything and everything, focused on what was lacking and just got creative.” Within 6 months, Crystal’s ‘little spa that could’ became the most successful in the entire company with growth profits at 77% in less than a year.

Areas of Expertise