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My daughter had been getting tutored to prepare herself for college. And some how the discussion came up about me and my on going knee pain. Her tutor wrote Crystal’s number down and swore by her as by then she had pretty much massaging her whole family.

I was scheduled to have not one, but two knee surgeries. I had rotator cuff tear operations on both shoulders stemming from old football injuries that would eventually would need another operation on both.

My knees were so bad that just walking from my car to my office I was in excruciating pain and me knees would immediately swell up. I was experiencing atrophy in both quads thus making my lower legs and lower back work over time. I was basically falling apart!

Crystal came to our home and explained very honestly that she would do all she could in her scope of practice but that I also had to put in some work. She made it a team effort. Just by doing some simple different movement patterns, change of shoes, stretching, hydration, amongst other “homework” each week the pain grew less and less. My wife and I had a 2 week vacation planned to the Bahamas. When we originally booked it, we planned our activities around my pain issues.

I had NO issues at all! I couldn’t believe how much walking I was able to do! It was a miracle!!

After my first session with Crystal, she followed up a few days after and I informed her how great my knees felt. She jokingly responded, “Great! We’ll have you running that marathon in no time!”

Last week for the first time in probably over 10 years, I was able to preform a steady paced with a light jog here and there on the treadmill and accomplished almost 5 miles!! I could have gone more, but I only had so much time before heading to work.

Crystal now Massages my whole family and business partner. She is sincere and exudes so much compassion to her craft. She is an exception to say the least. She goes above and beyond. We are so grateful to have her massage us every week.

~ Mark S.

Crystal is amazing and super knowledgeable about what she does. Ask her about cupping. I’ve done cupping with her before and it’s the best experience ever. Totally worth it if you’re okay with having marks on your skin that last just a few days. She explains in detail and is so passionate. I’m very active in my sports and have seen such an increase in my performance thanks to her expertise! She is unlike ANY massage therapist I have ever met. She takes the time to explain but is also honest if there’s something that isn’t going right with correcting pain and will take the time to strategize another option.

~ Sarah S.

My son had been seeing Crystal for months before I knew or he even mentioned. He is an active soccer player and that is his mental release from his business. He had been complaining for months and then one day I thought to myself, wow, he hasn’t mentioned any pain for quite some time and so I asked him and he told me about this new sports massage therapist he had been seeing and now his wife does to to prepare for an upcoming marathon. Almost a year later I started experiencing excruciating pain in my right wrist. So bad my pinky was going numb and I could not pick up or twist anything! I went to the Dr. and he explained to me that I had neuropathy and early stages of carpal tunnel. He prescribed some pain medication and instructed me to see a physical therapist. He recommend 5 sessions with the therapist and if there were no results that he would have to operate. My insurance does not cover Physical therapy so I was out of pocket a whopping $750 and still in the same pain. My son had traveled back in to town and his wife had told him about my severe pain in my wrist. He insisted on having me see Crystal.

Crystal came to the house and did a quick movement pattern of not only my wrist, but of my whole arm, me neck, and a few movement of my back. She didn’t even focus on my wrist as much as she did other areas. I kept repeatedly telling her it’s my wrist. She then explained, the pain is the 911 call. There are a variety of muscle groups that work together in order to move the shoulder, arm, and then wrist. She found a “spot” on my back and applied pressure and OH MY GOSH!! I could feel it in my wrist immediately!!! She the exclaimed, and that’s where the pain started, so that’s where we will start to work in first. We went over lifestyles routines, diet, hydration, and explained it’s all encompassed. I realized I hadn’t been drinking enough water and caring a heavy, thin strapped purse on that side needed to stop. She explained to me that it was a team effort in order for the wrist to become 100% pain free. And can you believe it? Only 3 consecutive sessions in a 2 1/2 time frame the pain was completely GONE!! I asked her why did I not get the same results from Physical Therapy or the Doctor? She answered, “Not to shame any one profession, but every one receives instruction and explanation differently. Not every client I see I can heal and not every patient a Doctor can cure.” She is so genuine and honest. I highly recommend her. My whole family sees her now.

~ Janine H.

So whether training for a special event or about to prepare for a life changing one such as giving birth, rest assured we have the right service for you.